Kokedama Care

Kokedamas are fun and relaxing to make, adorable to look at, and simple to care for. Hanging plants can be a nice option for those of us with curious cats

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Succulent Terrarium Care

you’ve just built, bought, or been given your first succulent terrarium! that’s exciting! How to Care for Your Succulent Terrarium   First, know that there are a few kinds of terrariums – succulent terrariums, air plant terrariums, tropical terrariums are all... read more

Is My Succulent Terrarium Dying?

These plants are Survivors! But surviving and thriving are different. Your plants might survive some pretty unusual conditions, but that isn’t to say they’ll look great while doing so.

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Air Plant Care

new to air plants? perfect! this guide can help you learn how to make life long friends with these beautiful low-maintenance plants…

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Succulent Care

You might have heard succulents need no water. Like all living things, succulent plants do require water to survive…

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