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Shipping Questions:

I use a PO Box -- Can you ship to my PO Box?

No — Most of our carriers will not deliver to a P.O. Box. You can use your work address, or a neighbour’s or friend’s address. If a P.O. Box address is entered during checkout, we may require an additional fee to amend your shipment to a regular, deliverable address before processing your order.

Do you ship to the USA? Do you ship internationally?

Sadly, no. The Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) Management Authority and Environment Canada have a very strict listing of the plants allowed into and out of Canadian borders. It’s a bit fascinating for plant-lovers, but ….only a bit. You can read more in the Store Policies below.

I’d like to send one as a gift! How can I make sure it gets there on the right date?

Make your initial order at least 2 weeks (14 days) in advance of the date you are aiming for. We will coordinate the shipping date and arrival date so that your package arrives as close as possible to the date you’ve requested (Weekend postal service is limited in some parts of the country).

Questions about Plants:

Can you sell me just the plants? Can I make a bulk plant order from you?

Here you can check out what kinds of plants are available. They can be purchased as part of your Terraruim kits, or as add-ons to various products. Because Fractaline.ca is not a wholesale dealer of plants, or certified to sell plants in this way, we cannot at this time accommodate bulk plant orders.

Where do you get your succulents?

Large local greenhouses and some CITES-certified importers retail plants to us; but who we buy from changes between seasons to bring you the best variety.

Can you tell me what’s wrong with my succulent?

Probably 🙂 Send a photo to info@fractaline.ca and we’ll do what we can to identify the issue. To get to the bottom of it faster though, check out these Care Guides or consider joining a Facebook group to learn more from other enthusiasts.

Can you tell me what kind of succulent I have?

Yep! Tag @fractaline.terrariums to your Instagram succulent photos — If we don’t know the name, we’ll connect you with resources to help you hone it down!

How do I care for the Moss?

Currently, all moss used is preserved, decorative moss. If it’s become too dry, spritz it lightly a few times with a spray bottle or atomizer. You can also buy additional moss and terrarium décor if you like.

Retail Questions:

Do you have a storefront I can visit?

Nope — But we are open 24/7 online. Sometimes FractalineTerrariums will make appearances at local artisan shows and maker’s markets throughout the GTHA and Southern Ontario regions. Check out the Local ongoings page to see if we’ve got an upcoming event you can attend.

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If you’d like to host a pop-up event, please be in touch!

Where are you located?

Fractaline.ca is brought to you from rural Southern Ontario. Here, we have access to top of the line agricultural products and succulent growers who meet Canada’s import/export requirements.

Do you accept requests for Custom Orders?

At the present, Yes! Please be in touch. Make sure to specify what you need, and when you need it by.

Custom orders must be placed with at least four weeks (28 days) minimum notice of any due dates.

If you’re looking for custom Living Décor that isn’t a terrarium, you can also pop by the Etsy page, send me a Conversation, and make your custom order request there! Please use your Etsy profile and log-in for all custom requests.

Please Know: Pre-assembled terrariums can not be mailed. (Shipping companies can’t guarantee they won’t be tipped over during shipping.)

I have a storefront. How can I retail your products?

Oh! How flattering : ) Please contact us to get a copy of our line sheet and to learn more about what is available from Fractaline.ca in your area.

Where can I buy your Concrete Pots?

Concrete pots and planters is how FractalineTerrariums got its foot in the door! You can still buy them at participating local retailers, or via the Etsy shop. For custom orders, please visit the Etsy shop and send me a Conversation through your Etsy profile

Concrete Pots Canada


Store Policies

About the Products

Fractaline.ca is very proud to bring you quality products. Our glassware is always hand-blown, making each piece slightly unique. Please inspect the glassware for any damage and be careful when handling damaged glass. Know also that instructions diagrams may not be drawn to scale – they’re just to demonstrate the assembly process.

About the Plants

When ordering plants, particularly succulents, make sure to remove them from the packaging right away! Plant them (within your new terrarium or elsewhere) within 3-6 days of delivery. Plants are perishable items, so they must be treated with care: Please check out our Care Articles for quick guides on how to keep them happy 🙂

If we are currently sold out of your favourite plant, or if it is not seasonally available, we will do our best to let you know in advance, or to select a similar plant for you. All plants are different and will not be the exact same as what is pictured on Fractaline.ca

Please Remember: If you’ve ordered a cactus, it’s important to be careful! See more about ordering cacti below.

About Shipping

Fractaline.ca has partnered with ShipTime.com to ship and deliver your terrarium kits. With plants coming from various small succulent farmers throughout Southern Ontario, it may take up to 7 business days to prepare your order before we begin the shipping process. Please keep in mind this will be added to the number of processing days displayed at checkout beside your shipping selection.

Delivery time will vary depending on where in Canada your package is going. Please provide a street address rather than a PO Box to make sure your order will arrive in caring hands. If you have special shipping requests, please contact us.

About Heat Packs and Climate Control

Canada Can Get Darn Cold! Heat Packs will prevent your plants from freezing, or from getting frost-bite during shipping. These small, lightweight packs are not included in each order, but it is recommended that you add a pack to your purchase to protect it during transit, especially during our cooler months, or if you live in northern parts of the country. For a plant, even 10 minutes inside a cold delivery truck can cause freezing.

FractalineTerrariums cannot guarantee any shipping conditions. If you’d like to add a Heat Pack, but are unsure, drop us a line.

About International Shipping

The Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) Management Authority, and Environment Canada, have a very strict listing of the plants allowed into and out of Canadian borders. Violating these laws would mean the end of FractalineTerrariums. Some (much) larger and more well-established business are able to secure certification that allows them to import and export plants that have undergone extensive inspections. At this stage in FractlineTerrariums’ young existence, we are unable to accommodate the work it would take to achieve such certification.

If you are really determined to find plants in your area, start by joining a Facebook group or other online community within your country or region — often, others have great suggestions that simply take persistence to find out about 🙂

About Domestic Shipping

Domestic Shipping is available per service, and is priced for each individual based on wherever your purchase is going. During checkout, you will be prompted to enter a shipping address. FractalineTerrariums can not ship to P.O. boxes. Once you’ve entered a physical address, shipping costs will appear specifically for your order.

Returns & Exchanges

Due the the nature of these products — which are often perishable — all sales including live plants are final.

If your purchase has not included any plants, some exceptions may be made: You must be in touch within 5 business days of delivery of your order. FractalineTerrariums will offer you store credit in the value of whatever has been damaged. Please send a photo to help us learn how we can improve in the future!

Mistakes in your order? No problem. As long as your order has not been shipped, we can fix it. Please be in touch right away if you need to make a change.

Purchasing Cacti

Cacti are available as part of many terrarium purchases. As pictured, many cacti have small thorns. Although generally harmless and more irritating that painful, anyone proceeding to make any purchase online from FractalineTerrariums must acknowledge this risk.

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